Staff Augmentation


People are the most important asset of any organization. Prospect Infosys recognizes the risks and rewards associated with the hiring decisions our clients face every day. In response, our staffing solutions offer clients peace-of-mind knowing that Prospect Infosys delivers the most reliable, risk-free, and cost-effective hiring options available in the IT staffing industry today.

When our clients need short-term expertise to cover a leave of absence or to supplement expertise for a special project, Prospect Infosys diligently learns the client requirements, vets qualified contractors, and offers clients a choice of viable candidates. We take care of all the human resource needs of your temporary employee for the duration of your contract.

When hiring specialized staff into full-time positions, companies minimize risks and costs with contract-to-hire solutions. It’s like taking a test drive before you buy an expensive, critical asset. Companies also find that it’s both faster and easier to onboard a contractor then re-evaluate staffing needs before making a permanent hire.

Recruiting is expensive and time consuming, but Prospect Infosys resolves these matters so our clients have it easy. We will pro-actively recruit the exact experience and skillset you desire. We then send you a few prequalified resumes, coordinate interviews with your selected candidates, check references, and assist in employee onboarding.

For any staffing project, Prospect Infosys strives to deliver the most qualified, experienced, and reliable personnel with high ethical standards. We learn our clients’ requirements then set the bar even higher as we strive to deliver employees who outperform expectations and support the long-term success of our client partnerships.