AWS Engineer

Chantilly, VA

Job Description:
In this role, you will work alongside our Technology Team to implement and support the infrastructure for our high-performance, cloud-based service offerings. You will be tasked with supporting and enhancing our infrastructure through team-oriented design and implementation.
What you will be doing:
• Designing, implementing, and maintaining highly available, scalable, and self-healing systems on the AWS platform
• Designing, managing, and maintaining tools to automate operational processes
• Conducting research, providing recommendations, and implementing new solutions in AWS in support of our product suites
• Collaborating with and providing assistance to our Software Development and QA teams to provide AWS best practices, operations, and deployment guidance
Qualities and skills you need to have:
• Strong passion for technology and infrastructure
• Ability to work well in a team-oriented design and implementation environment
• Possess qualities of innovation and creativity
• Strong attention to detail and emphasis on security
Education and experience we’re looking for:
• Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related field
• Two or more years of experience supporting distributed application systems in AWS
• Expert knowledge in AWS in the areas of:
• Deploying, managing, and operating Windows and Linux servers
• IIS and Active Directory
• Terraform
• Automation and testing via scripting/programming
• Experience with at least one of the following automated deployment tools:
• Chef
• Salt
• Ansible
• Puppet
Experience in these areas is preferred:
• Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on requirements
• At least one high-level programming language
• Troubleshooting real-time issues including triage and incident resolution
• Agile processes and methodologies


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